simple downloader of lisp packages

clget is yet another downloader of lisp packages. The main goal is to make getting of lisp stuff easier and painless. It's similiar to , but instead of getting prepared (released) package it gets the latest version published as tar-balls, cvs, svn, git, mercurial, darcs repository.

clget is released under BSD license.

List of supported packages: packages.txt, packages.html



clget 0.2 - Added 'upgrade' command. Supported over 60 packages.


clget 0.1 has been released. It supports ~30 packages.

Installation and Tutorial

Here is an example:
  1. Downloading
  2. prompt$ wget -q
    prompt$ cp clget /usr/local/bin
    prompt$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/clget
  3. Checking environment
  4. prompt$ clget check
    Checking presence of http client: '/usr/bin/wget'.
    Checking presence of tar archiving utility: '/bin/tar'.
    Checking presence of cvs client: '/usr/bin/cvs'.
  5. Updating packages list
  6. prompt$ clget update
    Downloading packages list from '' ..
  7. Listing available packages
  8. prompt$ clget list
    cffi                 - The Common Foreign Function Interface.
    chunga               - Portable chunked streams for Common Lisp
    cl+ssl               - A simple Common Lisp interface to OpenSSL.
  9. Getting some stuff
  10. clget get slime sbcl-linux 
  11. Upgrading existing packages (fetches changes only)
  12. clget upgrade slime
  13. Packages are downloaded into current directory.

Development and support

There is a Git repository:

git clone

Please send questions, suggestions and bug reports to clget-devel mailing list: clget-devel mailing list.

Project members:

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